Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Bodysuit: c/o Lucky Vintage Seattle • Jeans: Eyeshadow • Heels: Jeffrey Campbell Lita • Necklace: Forever21

That awkard moment when you forget to photoshop your hikeys out of your blog photos. Uh. Oops.

So pretty boring, sorry. I liked generating a nice emphasis on this gorgeous vintage bodysuit from Lucky Vintage, and didn't want to distract from it too much! Apparently this is a bathing suit but screw that, I'm not gonna risk getting this wet and wearing down the material. I'm gonna take good care of this baby.

Also I have no boobs, oh my god. I should try dressing up like a guy and see how many people I confuse. "Is it a girl? be a guy too. I...I CAN'T TELL." I'll be just like Vince Noir from Mighty Boosh. These are my aspirations in life.

So I've been MIA! I apologise you guys. Life just sucks lately, hardly been going out or getting dressy, but I'm working on getting my ass in gear and putting more time into this blog. I haven't forgotten about you guys! I think I just needed a little break. When it stops feeling fun and begins to feel like homework, then a vacation is needed, I think.

And hey, my fiancée and I now have access to a car, so we can actually go places and do things! This will inspire me to dress up and take photos more often, because then I can wear heels and not worry about walking two to six miles in them, won't feel exhausted, et cetera. AWESOME RIGHT?

Also also also. Do you guys...wanna see my brand new tattoo? (Hey, that kind of rhymed!)

I know you're thinking, "oh, Soulmates!" Yeah, this symbol was originally designed two years ago when I decided I wanted my first tattoo be meaningful to me and reflect my relationship with Kathryn. When I decided I wanted a shop, and decided on the name SOULMATES, it just made sense for me to use the tattoo I wanted to get as the shop logo. It's the joining of Aquarius and Libra, for myself and Kathryn, respectively.

I've had a co-worker ask what will happen if we were to, heaven forbid, split up. I'm so gonna regret it, huh? Actually, no. I would be devastated if we were to part ways, but her impact on me and my life will be just as permanent as this tattoo. It will remind me of what a beautiful experience I had with her, how she changed me for the better, and that she is my soulmate, no matter what. Not all soulmates are romantic in my mind, and this tattoo will remind me of who I am spiritually linked to. I know that if we were to split, I would still always love her in some way. I'm not going to pretend we never happened, and I would never regret her presence in my life, so why would I regret this tattoo? It would be bittersweet, but that's life sometimes. Hell, I'm so pathetically attached that I would probably still want to have her in my life, as just friends. She means that much to me!

And that's only if we were to split. Sure, anything could happen, but the above still stands. that I've gotten all emotional and misty-eyed (ha, wish I were kidding) I'm gonna stop rambling like an idiot. Just wanted to offer that up to those of you thinking the same thing others have thought and brought up to me as a concern over this tattoo. Believe me, I sat on this tattoo idea for two years, and still wanted it! Two years of ups and downs, and I'm still confident it was the best decision I could have made.

I am such a freaking sap. So much so, that my next tattoo might be a jasmine flower for my cat, Jasmine. Yeah. I'm going there. I have a list: Vishnu's name in Sanskrit, Jasmine flower, and a bull skull to rep. my home of the southwest US (holla). Someday.

Man, I need to shut up!

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  1. Hallahhhhhhh!! Bull skull! Represent. I love you
    Man. I'm so happy you got this tattoo, it is perfect an the meaning behind it is also so good and awesome and ahhh so glad for you. This outfit is RAD he swimsuit body suit no water swimsuit situation. Love. Yes.

    I hope some of this busy ness is leading you to be able to come to LA!!!!! Hehehehehe. Ps I'm glad you posted again, I missed ya but I understand the need to take a break!

  2. That body suit is just wow. So nice!

  3. Jeeeeez that tattoo is gorgeous. You've made a really awesome point about the tattoos; a lot of people I know will just say that you'd regret any tattoo you got when you were younger, but it doesn't lessen the impact of whatever inspired you to get the tattoo. Aghghgh. Love. it. And your bodysuit/swimsuit. All of it.

  4. You look beautiful! That bodysuit is absolutely amazing. Also, the tattoo is perfect. I love the meaning behind it.


  5. Awww what you said about Kathryn is so cute and I can definitely relate because I feel the same way about my boyfriend. Even if we WERE to break up, I would probably still want him in my life, I don't think I could live without him, as pathetic as that could sound to some people. Well, I hope you two do last :) Oh and I can also relate to the lack of car and lack of heels thing. I love wearing my platforms but the idea of that when I know I have to walk around all day, catching trains and shit is not very appealing -__-

  6. Aw.. I hope you and Kathryn stay together forever and ever. You both really do seem like soul mates and it would be wrong to break that. I totally get you on the whole 'need a break because this shit began to feel like homework' thing. I used to get that a lot, and I when I'd be back on "board", I'd lie and say I was way too busy or some bullshit like that, but I just was really not feeling it because 1) too lazy. 2) the whole blog idea and premise began to sink in, realizing it's all so VAIN AND SUPERFICIAL (but then i remember the friendships i've created so it's okay). 3) nothing to blog about, and don't want to dress myself up and take it all back off just to take photos, then hop back in bed and finish my tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

    basically, i'm glad you're back, Kat!

  7. the american bodysuit is like whoa! and what a sweet thing getting that tattoo. in fact, i got one with my ex's NAME. we broke up but I kept it for the same reason that you said. And now ... hah we're back together (but i woulda kept it anyway). glad to see a post from you since it has surely been a minute!

    c: I like your simple coordinates!

  9. Fucking love. Perfect look as the tat :) and...your hair looks soooo great.

    ox from NYC!


  10. Wow! Love it! And your awesome! :)

  11. I love what you said about soulmates! No matter what happens, that tattoo will always be a reminder of the person that helped you become who you were meant to be! If you ever break up it won't change how much she changed your life. But I don't think you lady's will break up. I'm no marriage expert but I have been married for a mere two years and all I know is that loving each other so much that you can't imagine your life without that person is the most important thing to a successful marriage, yeah everyone has hard times but if you care that much about the other person then you stick it out through the good and the bad. From what you said about wanting her as your friend no matter what it sounds to me like you guys are already there. Best of luck to you guys! Oh and I am crazy about that swimsuit!!!! Definitely not to be wasted on chlorine! Sorry about the novel it's just so rare in the fashion blog world to have writers share such meaningful personal information that I just felt moved to respond to it with, to the best of my ability, a fraction of the honesty and sincerity you posted on here.

  12. love this whole look especially the shoes!
    I also like the bodysuit, the print is dope